Ann Kamenicky - My Naples Home Services LLC.
Housekeeping and
Home Watch Services
Ann Kamenicky, owner of My Naples Home Services, has been providing dedicated, personalized Housekeeping and Home Watch services in Naples, Florida, for over 35 years.
It is with great pleasure to provide a fully licensed and insured home management service to customers in our Naples area allowing the homeowner the opportunity to relax and explore our beautiful community. What better way to enjoy your home then to know you can rely on a service without all the worries of household tasks. 

Hiring a home manager can be an overwhelming experience.
For this reason alone Ann is committed to providing a business relationship based on trust, communication, and reliability. Since every home has its own unique function, our housekeeping team is trained to provide outstanding service and personal attention.
Home Watch service for absentee owners is conducted with a thorough list of tasks and email reports with each visit to assure your investment is safe and secure. A general list of Home Services are available to help make your transition an easy one and get you on your way.