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Vacuum Cleaner Update


The news is, recently Kenmore has stopped selling the orange canister vacuum model # 29319.

What to do!!??? I have searched everywhere and they were flying off the showroom floor at Sears, and Amazon, not one left on the shelf at the discounted price. I was just too late to snag two or three to use for work and home purposes. What a fantastic vacuum cleaner.

I have recently, with great struggle in my search, found the Burgundy Panasonic Canister Vacuum cleaner model #MC-CG902 You may find this on Amazon or type in the search bar for other locations.



Stop the unauthorized use of water at your business, home, or apartment building.

As a home watch professional I see this on many occasions.
New construction up and running next to your home or on your street, the lawn maintenance worker needs water to wash their hands or fill their weed sprayers, or the neighbor decides to use your spigot to fill his pool or wash his patio. This outdoor hose bib faucet lock prevents unwanted use or tampering, reduces water waste and leakage and provides piece of mind especially to a home owner who is away on vacation.



I'm such a picky and meticulous housekeeper that I alway make sure the carpet tags are tucked under when I put the carpets back, but some days I get so frustrated with such a petty task. I ask myself why my customers just don't cut them off!! Give me the scissors already!!!!

Nespresso Machines Pros and Cons

Nespresso Machines
Pros and Cons
While looking for that perfect gift for my daughter for her birthday or simply a coffee lover at heart, the Nespresso coffee machine may be the ideal solution.
From Expresso to cappuccino, Nespresso coffee makers “stir” controversy and calculated opinions both with competitive, scale tipping pros and cons.
While investigating the purchase of the capsules I discovered without warning from the salesman that the Nespresso coffee capsules can only be purchased from Nespresso company which can sometimes put you in a bind if you are having a dinner party and the coffee refills were accidently not on the grocery list.

The Dryer Ball

The Dryer Ball has never impressed me.
“Rumble, rumble, rumble,
bla, bla, bla."
Selling for around $10.00 per set, these plastic or rubbery balls tumble around the dryer and separate the laundry allowing air to flow more freely while softening fabrics. My sheets still bundle in a knot and catching those little rascals is just plain annoying! Do they work or are they just another gadget?
Time is of importance for me so drying sheets on their own, stopping the dryer in intervals, shaking out the sheets a bit and

Household Odors

The cleanest of households can linger kitchen and bathroom odors and tracking down the smell can be difficult. Odors can be caused by a numerous amount of things and most of them are right underneath our noses, but hidden in smaller places then we usually care to look. This angled scrub brush makes it easy to clean the inside of the garbage disposal.
Look for this brush in your local hardware or grocery store.
It’s a handy one to keep around the house.

Are your cleaning gadgets collecting dust in your closet?

Put your cleaning gadgets to good use by purchasing the Swiffer Sweeper.
This inexpensive tool is not only detachable, light weight and easy to store, it has been the most effective tool in wiping down the walls of your home. Some may say this is a bit excessive, but I beg to differ. Attach one Swiffer cloth pad and just gently glide the Swiffer Dry Mop along the walls, careful not to hit anything and you will be amazed at the dust that collects on the pad that is almost invisible to see. Let me know how that works for you. Be careful, it can be addicting for some of the most obsessive cleaners.

Vacuum Cleaners

I love my vacuum, I hate my vacuum. Make up your mind!
“Pick me, pick me!” That's all I hear, but choosing the right vacuum is going to save you time and money.
I have demonstrated many vacuums, their strong qualities and their downfalls. Let’s not forget the misfit vacuums waiting ever so patiently to be repaired. I have tested and vacuumed more carpets in the vacuum sales department then the store maintenance. From Mieli to Dyson, Hoover and Dirt Devil, Kenmore and uprights, you name it. For everyday use and for all types of jobs, the Kenmore canister vacuum is the winner for us. Model # 29319 rated 4.5 stars also comes in Aqua color