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All About Handmade Soap Products

My Naples Home Services Celebrates 37 years in 2018

It would not be uncommon after all this time of professional housekeeping to take a bit more interest in soap products that can be used for personal use.
This is just the beginning when introducing natural solutions to hand crafted soaps. Many of us prefer natural cleaning products to clean our homes so why not use wholesome ingredients for skin care as well. 

What are some natural ways to incorporate color and pigment when making handmade soap?

The answer? 

It’s a wonderful thing that more people everywhere are beginning to embrace many items made by hand. Handmade matters, so why not take a moment to provide more natural ingredients. ... It’s a process and rare that any two items will be exactly the same. 
That’s what makes small handmade businesses so special. 

Natural clay and root colorants were used to make the white and gold tones in the soap above providing exfoliation, antioxidants and other benefits. These natural powders would include chamomile and turmeric. The body of the soap was untouched and derived from the liquid of goat milk, honey, olive oil, cocoa butter, shea, and coconut oil. 

FRAGRANCE, is the value that breaks all the rules in soap making. The elements that appeal to so many and send others running in the opposite direction. Though not uncommon to see “fragrance” in the label of handmade soap, it is a duplicated aromatic ingredient accepted for the lack of benefits and simply a desired perfume. I myself love fragrances for what they are and are selective in their usage. 

True Handmade Soap does not use a fragrance though the fruit to our senses, using aromatherapy natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, leaves and other plant extracts which positively affect physical and emotional health. Well... with all of those lovely additives it’s no wonder we can’t walk away from the soap counter.  
Natural root colorants and clay may not provide the true vibrant color in soap that you see when purchasing detergent store brands, but the characteristics of all ingredients is admired and sought out by those that preserve a true interest in the beneficial qualities that heal and protect the skin. It’s beautiful, amazing and special and that’s a “handmade” full of lovely.

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