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Maintaining Lampshades

Maintaining Lampshades
I would love more than anything on my business cleaning routine to soak this lamp shade in a solution, clean it right up and call it a day, but humidity, dust buildup and other factors can turn your lamp shades yellow and spotty and cleaning them can be a total nightmare.
Each lampshade type has its own durability and can be very fragile.
PAPER lampshades have to be wiped so gently with a clean, soft paintbrush because they dent so easily and become unattractive. HARDBACK shades have laminated paper or fabric that is glued and soaking them in water will destroy the glue and cause the fabric to come loose from the frame. PARCHMENT shades are made from a variety of fabrics and materials and come in customized designs and paint finishes and SILK lamp shades are constructed with a fabric lining stretched across the inside of the wire frame and another on the outer portion of the wiring. The level of cleaning is determined by the shade type. Silk lined lampshades are so fragile that the heat alone from the light bulb, over time can cause separation just by touching the inner lining. 
As a part of your weekly cleaning routine there are a few methods for maintaining your lampshades. Using a soft bristle vacuum brush attachment, carefully vacuum and remove excess dust.
A clean, soft-bristled paint brush is also a handy tool to keep in the cleaning bag and a soft, damp cloth or sponge to remove minor spots. If the lampshade is beyond dusting and you decide to submerge or wash the lampshade, make sure you are ready to purchase another just in case the outcome is not as positive as you hoped.
In this case fill a bathtub or large basin with warm water and mild detergent such as Ivory, swoosh to create suds. Drain the tub leaving only the suds. Gently wash the lampshade using the suds only. Agitate with a sponge or white cloth to remove stains.
Avoid glued areas. Rinse a damp cloth in cold water and wipe again until suds are removed. Dry on a clean cloth in the sun or hang until lampshade is thoroughly dry. If you decide to submerge the lampshade in the tub of water without draining and continue the process above, rinse lamp shade thoroughly with water after cleaning.