Ann Kamenicky - My Naples Home Services LLC.
Home Watch Services
Interior Home Watch Inspection Services
  • Full inspection of the interior home or condominium
  • Photos will be taken when needed and sent with a report each visit.
  • Cleaning the inside of toilet bowl and flushing bathroom toilets
  • Running of all faucets, running dishwasher and washing machine once a month on rinse cycle
  • Running garbage disposal
  • Check plumbing for potential problems
  • Checking of fireplaces, and appliance monitoring
  • Checking hot water heaters and drip pans
  • Running of air conditioner with attention to humidity
  • Visually checking for signs of mold, mildew or water damage
  • Inspection of window sills for water entry or leaks
  • Interior roof leaks, and hurricane or storm damage
  • Running of interior home or condo elevator
  • Visual checking for bugs, and sweeping bugs
  • Checking of interior garage, running garage doors
  • Checking of electric panel for tripped breakers
  • Securing the locks on windows and doors
  • Running of Automobile
Exterior Home Watch Inspection Service
  • Full inspection of the exterior home or condominium
  • Taking in or discarding of news papers, fliers etc.
  • Inspection of landscape
  • Checking of windows and doors for any signs of damage or forced entry
  • Inspection of exterior air conditioner for visual problems
  • Inspecting pool and lawn service maintenance
  • Inspect for insect infestation
  • Inspect screened patio enclosures for damage