Ann Kamenicky - My Naples Home Services LLC.
Additional Services
Additional Services Offered
  • Gathering mail to place in designated area or   forward
  • Taking out garbage for pickup and bringing it back inside
  • Retrieving phone messages and forwarding via email, phone, or fax
  • Making calls to contractors, pool services, maintenance, managers, etc.
  • Meeting and supervision of contractors
  • Picking up small household items, and light grocery purchases before arrival.
Hurricane Inspection
Due to the unpredictability of our Florida hurricane season it is important to take precautions prior to closing your home or condominium. Clear the yard of loose objects, take in hoses and grills, secure windows and doors, take in patio furniture, and close hurricane shutters. If a hurricane warning is issued you will be contacted via email with general updated information including a web link to our local news center.
With your permission your home will be inspected for security and last minute preparation and a follow up return visit will be conducted as soon as possible.