Ann Kamenicky - My Naples Home Services LLC.
About the Owner
Featured in the 1983 Marco Island Eagle under Marco Island Women entrepreneurs, this faded black and white photo of Ann folding sheets and doing housework still finds her today enjoying what she loves. Gratified by the results of helping you to enjoy one of life's pleasures, your home.
Originally from Long Island New York, Ann moved to Sunny Marco Island Florida in 1981 were she launched her business while still in high school.

At 17 years old she provided service for over 56 customers spread among condominiums, offices and private homes. Ann eventually married, moved her business to Naples and began to raise a family.
Over the years the relationship with her clientele became like a second family to her with many customers watching her little ones grow with each visit, and providing over 15 years of service in many homes. Cleaning, hiring staff, cooking, catering, errand running, home watch service, and much more. Some may say house housekeeping is a dreaded chore, but Ann takes a different view.